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The Folly Fellowship was founded in 1988 as a pressure group to protect, preserve, and promote follies, grottoes & garden buildings. Initially a group of enthusiasts keen to record what was at first seen as a peculiarly British aspect of architecture, it has grown into a serious conservation and consultative architectural heritage charity, while not losing sight of the basic idea that these buildings are fun - they were built for pleasure before purpose. Some make us laugh, some provoke contemplative thoughts, some can frighten. Some are mere whims, others demand to be taken seriously.

People take their pleasures seriously - why should buildings be any different? An early realisation was the international flavour of the genre although the British Isles can count more follies per square mile than any other region, there are examples to be found all over the world. 

In recent years, there has been an increased awareness of the importance of these buildings to our landscapes. Many have been restored and several have been completely rebuilt with local support. Better still, some individuals with imagination and the tenacity to fight the planning process, have begun to build new follies...


The FF continues to be interested in follies both old and new, but equally important to us is the fellowship aspect - our outings are excuses to meet with people from all over the country and from all walks of life. When the day is over we continue to chat over a meal and friendships are made. The conversation opener 'what do you do for a living?' is never heard. If you have an interest in follies, the rest is irrelevant.

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A front garden folly in the form of a ruined castle at Bramhall, Manchester.

A little curiosity here - back in the 1970's there was a radio programme about Follies presented by Spike Milligan called "Follies of the Wise". It was thought that no trace of this remains but Henry Parr has found a small fragment of it on an old tape and has put it on Youtube so you can all hear it. You may have to adjust your ear trumpet as its a bit distorted, but it is a little piece of history. Link here.

If anyone has any more of this, or has an old video of the program called 'Scarfe's Follies' from 1988, then please let us know, or put it on YouTube and let us all see it.




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