Organization Links

Other organizations with similar interests in the fields of conservation, restoration, landscapes, buildings etc

Follies Trust Looking after follies in ireland
Temple Trust A charity whose our core activity has involved the rescue and preservation of our architectural heritage existing in the form of historic garden buildings and their settings.
De DonderbergGroep The Thunder Mountain Group - based in the Netherlands this group models itself on the Folly Fellowship
Fountains Society Concerns itself with the restoration and development of new fountains and water features
The Association of Garden Trusts Assists in the protection, conservation, restoration or creation of garden land in the United Kingdom for the education and enjoyment of the public
Irish Georgian Society The Society aims to encourage an interest in and to promote the conservation of distinguished examples of architecture and the allied arts of all periods in Ireland.
English Heritage English Heritage exists to protect and promote England's spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood.
National Trust The National Trust works to preserve and protect the coastline, countryside and buildings of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
National Trust for Scotland The National Trust for Scotland is the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.
Cadw (Welsh Heritage) Cadw is the Welsh Assembly Government's historic environment division. Its aim is to promote the conservation and appreciation of Wales's historic environment.
SAVE SAVE is an influential conservation group which places a special emphasis on the possibilities of alternative uses for historic buildings.
Landmark Trust The Landmark Trust is a building preservation charity, established to rescue historic and architecturally interesting buildings and their surroundings from neglect and to give them new life by letting them for holidays.
Garden History Society The future of our historic landscapes, parks and gardens is constantly under threat. The Society campaigns actively on their behalf.
Historic Gardens The Historic Gardens Foundation is an organisation set up to link everyone concerned with the preservation, restoration and management of historic parks and gardens.
Mausolea and Monuments Trust The Mausolea and Monuments Trust is a charitable trust for the protection and preservation for the public of mausolea and sepulchral monuments situated within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.
Subterranea Britannica Formed in 1974, Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted the the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places.
British Water Tower Appreciation Society BWTAS promotes the appreciation of water towers for their artistic, cultural, architectural, historical, social and engineering significance.
Pulham Legacy Details the surviving examples of Pulhamite, the made made rock used for many grottoes and rock features.
Shell House Talks The site of Gerald & Margaret Hull who give talks on Grottoes and Shell houses
Windmills of the UK A site devoted to windmills, but featuring a page on 'Mock Mills' never intended to grind corn

Individuals who give public talks on Follies and similar subjects

Russell Bowes -Garden History talks Gives a range of talks including "The art of the Folly' and 'The Story of Biddulph Grange"
David Winpenny - Lectures and Talks A range including Pyramids, Follies, Classical garden buildings and garden water features.
Gerald & Margaret Hull - Shell House Talks Talks on Grottoes and Shell Houses