The Folly Fellowship:

What we do:

The charity publishes magazines, a learned journal, and occasional topical e-bulletins which are sent to members and to other interested bodies.

The charity also arranges several visits each year to important sites of follies, grottoes and garden buildings, often inaccessible to the public.

The charity's principal objectives "to preserve, protect and promote follies, grottoes and garden buildings" are pursued by those who manage the charity's affairs and its members and other interested parties who monitor the condition of vulnerable structures of interest to the charity; by campaigning for and promoting the maintenance and restoration of such structures, and by encouraging a wide interest in such structures internationally from a UK base.

The Folly Fellowship:

Aims to preserve and promote the enjoyment and awareness of follies, grottoes and garden buildings

Fights to protect lonely and unloved buildings of little purpose from being rationalised or destroyed

Advises consultative bodies on the importance of follies in a once and future context; members on how to find help with their Folly problems

Photographs follies throughout Britain and the world to provide an archive and picture library

Records the existence of every folly, grotto and garden building in the United Kingdom on an on-line map and is working on a searchable database which will be uploaded on the Internet

Publishes a magazine three times a year and an annual journal, supplemented by an occasional e-bulletin.

Lectures on follies for private, institutional and commercial groups such as Lawson-Price, Cunard, Forte and Rotary International

Organises visits, excursions and expeditions to folly sites across Britain and abroad. Locates unusual, intriguing or simply bizarre structures and sites for film, television and advertising work. Maintains an Internet web site with news of follies and related architectural curiosities.

Collects books, pamphlets, letters, drawings, ephemera, postcards, pictures, press cuttings and all printed material on follies to build a reference library encompassing the subject

Gathers together for an annual summer garden party at a famous folly site

Needs more members to join us now and help safeguard the most individual and idiosyncratic aspect of our vanishing heritage.