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(Note: We do not sell books -these are just to let you know what's around. Some may not be in print, but most can be picked up through Amazon marketplace or ebay)

Fabulous Follies of Ireland - Nesta Fitzgerald and William Laffan. 2015 (Irish Georgian Society)

A slim paperback book covering 15 Irish follies each with a handdrawn picture and a page of description. The follies are generally well known, but its the unusual illustrations that make this book so charming - quite childlike, but with lots of detail and usually a group of people in period dress beside the folly.

Follies of Europe Architectural Extravaganzas - Nic Barlow. Tim Knox and Caroline Holmes. 2008 (Garden Art Press)

A large book divided into chapters on Allegory & Fantasy; Classicism & Grandeur; Romanticism & Innovation and Modernism & Individualism. It covers all periods, travels right across Europe, and comes up to date with several recent buildings such as Colin's Barn and Westonbury Water Gardens.

Follies of Europe

Bizarre Buildings - Paul Cattermole with Ian Westwell (intro by Gwyn Headley) 2007 (Compendium 978-1-905573-71-4)

A compilation of odd looking buildings from around the world,  this starts with a chapter on Follies, (all very well-known), and then continues with chapters on Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Cultural buildings. Some will excite, others will strike you as just oddly shaped modern office buildings.

Bizarre buildings

Follies and Fantasies - Germany and Austria - Nic Barlow and Sally Sample Aall 1994  (0 8109 3323 3)

An good historical intoduction with black and white pictures, followed by a longer coloured section with a good selection of buildings in many styles from the great parks of Germany and Austria.

Eccentric France - Piers Letcher  2003  (Bradt  1 84162 068 8)

The usual mixture, redeemed by a chapter on eccentric edifices that includes Woinic the world's biggest metal pig, 14m long and 8m high.

Fantasy Worlds - Deidi von Schaewen & John Maizels 1999  (Taschen 3 8228 7190 7)

This was the best place I could find to put this, as it covers fantasy structures in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. However the best ones are in France and Italy so I'll put it here. It concentrates on what might be called Outsider Art or Art Brut and so it travels through things that are little more than piles of junk, through to mad sculptural gardens to full blown architectural follies. All of this century, and a very inspiring book with huge, vivid, photographs

Fantasy Worlds - Dr. Angelika (Editor) Maizels, John / Schaewen, Deidi von 2009 (Taschen 978-3-8228-3219-6 )

A smaller and cheaper new version of the above - no new material, but available unlike its parent..

Le Desert de Retz: Late Eighteenth-century French Folly Garden, the Artful Landscape of Monsieur de Monville.  Diana Ketcham 1997  (MIT Press 9780262611329 )
Apremont: A French Folly (Small Books on Great Gardens)  Gabrielle van Zuylen, Gilles de Brissac, Claire de Virieu  1999  (Thames & Hudson 0500019754)
Follies - Bizarre Bouwwerken in Nederland en Belgie . Wim Meulenkamp  1995 (Arbeiderspers 90-295-3109-6)

Only in Budapest - A Guide to Hidden Corners, Little-Known Places and Unusual Objects  Duncan J Smith   (JEL-KÉP Kiadó (Kelet-Nyugat), 2006, 978-963-87090-11).

This book is a great guide to an interesting city - there is plenty of well -researched historic detail here, not just good pictures. Some, such as the elaborate Art Nouveau tomb of Bela Lajta will make you want to visit the place.

Only in Vienna -A Guide to Hidden Corners, Little-Known Places and Unusual Objects  Duncan J Smith  (Christian Brandstätter Verlag, ISBN 978-3-85498-413-9)

Only in Berlin - Duncan J Smith ( Christian Brandstätter Verlag, 2008, ISBN 978-3-85033-157-9)

Just out and I haven't read it yet, but there is a section on 'the Follies of Peacock Island'

Only in Berlin Book