UK Regional Books

These books are specific to a particular county of England, or to a particular folly or group of follies.

Welsh Follies - Graham Watkins (Carreg Gwalch 2015) 978-1-84524-215-2
also available as an e-book (Kindle 2013) B00E5FY3FO

The stories and histories attached to 60 follies in Wales.

Somerset Follies - Jonathan Holt (Akeman Press 2007)   9780954613877

Lots of follies througout Somerset, described in detail with many black and white photos including historical photos of the building's original condition.

Somerset Follies
Discover Dorset - Follies - Jonathan Holt (Dovecote) 1 874336 71 7
Dorset Follies

Cotswold Follies and Fancies - Margaret Caine & Alan Corton (S.B. Publications 1998) 1 85770 163 1

Looking like one of the Curiosities books, but this one contains only follies with good detailed descriptions and black & white photos.

Cotswold Folies

Ivory Towers & Dressed Stones Vol 1: Lancashire - Jim Jarratt (Cicerone 1994) 1 85284 146 X

Small in size but packed with detail, this is arranged as a series of walks with hand drawn maps taking in a folly or two on each one. The text gives a good description of the locality and difficulty of access as well as historical detail.

ivory towers1

Ivory Towers & Dressed Stones Vol 2: Yorkshire - Jim Jarratt (Cicerone 1994) 1 85284 147 8

A companion book to the above, again full of walks with both colour and black & white photos plus a few line drawings.

Ivory towers 2

Individual Follies or Folly Gardens

The Sand House - A Victorian Marvel revisited - Richard Bell & Peter Tuffney  2010 (Amberley Publishing) 978-1-4456-0117-5

The story of a remarkable house, carved from solid sandstone to which long tunnels and carved figures were attached. Most of it still exists, buried beneath a block of flats in Doncaster. Well researched and illustrated.

Sand House

Consall Hall Landscape Garden - William Podmore 2004  (Landmark Publishing) 1 84306 141 4

A book of large colour photos of this amazing garden which is arising from the remains of an older garden ravaged by opencast mining.

Consall hall

Behind the Forbidden Corner - Colin Armstrong 2001 (Forbidden Corner) 0 9541047 1 4

The book of the best new folly garden in years, this nonetheless disappoints as there is so little in it about the garden. It describes the life, family and business interests of the owner, Colin Armstrong, but there is only one chapter on the garden itself. I suspect a book on the same subject by the gardens' designer, Malcolm Tempest, would be of more interest to Folly lovers

Forbidden Corner

Temples of Delight - Stowe Landscape Gardens - John Martin Robinson 1990 ( George Philip)  0 540 01217 3

Published by the National Trust at the launch of its appeal to restore the gardens of Stowe, this book describes the evolution of the garden and the aims of its various owners, along with lots of pictures of the numerous temples.


The Follies of Boughton Park - Simon Scott (Scott Publications 1995) 0 9525366 5 X

A slim self produced book, detailing the follies of Boughton Park, Northamptonshire along with other follies which are related by architect or design.

Boughton park

The Hunting of the Shark - Bill Heine 2011 (Oxford Portfolio 978-0-9567405-2-6)

The story of the Headington Shark told by its designer. A great read -not so much about building as about the reactions of neighbours and council departments and the politics of protest and art.