(Note: We do not sell books -these are just to let you know what's around. Some may not be in print, but most can be picked up through Amazon marketplace or ebay)

Follies, Grottoes and Garden Buildings  - Gwyn Headley & Wim Meulenkamp  1999  (Aurum Press 1 85410 625 2)

The folly lover's bible - did I mention that you need this?

Preposterous Erections - Peter Ashley 2012 (Frances Lincoln 978-0-7112-3358-4)

59 Towers of various kinds, mostly follies but with a few water towers and industrial towers thrown in, this is an excellent book with high quality photos and well informed but also amusing text.


Georgian Garden Buildings - Sarah Rutherford with Jonathan Lowe 2012 (Shire 978-0-74781-101-5)

Despite the title, this is a book all about follies and the best possible introduction to the subject in a small book. With individual chapters on Arches, Columns, Druidiana, Rotundas and Towers, you'll know all the key types after reading this.

Follies and Grottoes - Barbara Jones  1979 (Constable 0 09 459350 7)

Even though it's out of print and has been superceded by the above book, it's still worth looking for - some great prose, a mixture of original drawings and photos and a good attempt at puttings follies in context, as well as a gazetteer that includes Ireland and the smaller British isles.

English Follies - John Curtis & Richard Ashby, 2006 (Salmon 1-84640-037-6)

A very cheap, postcard sized, book with some good colour photos and brief descriptions of mostly well known follies, but also with a few rarely seen ones like the Witch House at Hestercombe. A good introduction to the subject.

English Follies

Monumental Follies - An exposition on the eccentric edifices of Britain  Stuart Barton 1972, (Lyle Publications  02921 07 X)

An early book which includes black and white photos of many well known follies - most of them here are in a ruinous state which makes it a bit gloomy.  Better times for follies were still to come!

Follies -  Sir Hugh Casson  1973  (Chatto & Windus)

A small and ancient paperback book, but full of period charm. The pictures are all hand drawn, and either black and white or pastel coloured.

Follies - Jeffrey W. Whitelaw  2005 (Shire 0747806241 )

From the excellent Shire series, this is an ideal introduction to the subject, and a makes a cheap present for someone who may yet be unaware that they're interested in the subject.

Pavilions in Peril - Julia Abel Smith 1987  (Save Britain's Heritage 0905978234)

A campaigning book - old, but still available. It is satisfying to see that many of these threatened buildings have now been completely restored.

Pastoral Peculiars - curiosities in the countryside - Peter Ashley 2005 (English Heritage 1 85074 960 4)

A whole mixture of odd structures found in the countryside, but with a good section on follies, notable for some shots of the recently built Teapot Tower at Deene Park. Also includes railway ventilation towers, triangulation markers, hillside drawings and all those other things that one sees and thinks 'I wonder what that is?' when out for a walk.

Pastoral Peculiars

Scottish Garden Buildings - From Food to Folly - Tim Buxbaum 1989  (Mainstream Publishing  1 85158)

Follies, dovecotes and garden buildings explained in their context with a mixture of black and white photos, a colour photo section and some neat line drawings.

Follies and Pleasure Pavilions - George Mott and Sally Sample Aall 1989  (Pavilion Books  185145 449 3)

Lots of sumptuous colour photos of follies, temples and lodges, with some description as well, but essentially a book of photos.

Curious Houses - Lucinda Lampton 1988 (Chatto & Windus  0 7011 3119 5)

Houses of all sizes and ages, but all indeed curious - from the Rushton Triangular lodge to Charles Jenks's London home , all are beautifully photographed and described in that rich language for which she is known.

Beastly Buildings - Lucinda Lampton 1985 ( Jonathon Cape  0 224 02143 5)

Classical stables, Castellated dog kennels, Chinese fishing pavilions - all manner of animal related buildings are described and photographed in this beautiful book.

Eccentric Britain - Benedict le Vay  2000 (Bradt 1 84162 011 4)

Unusual museums, strange ceremonies and sports, odd people and of course a fair smattering of follies, described in a light hearted manner with small line drawings and cartoons. But is is a useful guide for a day out, giving addresses, maps and phone numbers for many of the public attractions.

The Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland - James Howley  1993  (Yale University Press  0 300 05577 3)

This can fairly be called the definitive guide to Follies in Ireland.  Meticulously researched, every folly is not only photographed but presented as a small measured drawing as an elevation, and often in plan as well.

Landmark. Cottages, Castles and Curiosites of Britain - Derry Brabbs  1998  (Weidenfeld & Nicholson  0 297 822993 )

The buildings of the Landmark Trust, all in beautiful colour photos. Essentially a colour version of their annual handbook without the plans, this is nonetheless a very nice book, and if you haven't already stayed in one of their properties, you'll want to after reading this.

A272 - An Ode to a Road - Pieter Boogaart  2004 (Pallas Athene  1 873429 75 4)

An astonishingly detailed journey along the A272 - which runs from East Sussex into Hampshire, taking in every conceivable feature of interest along the way. Lots of follies, including many you won't have seen before, plus an unorthodox page layout and many little diversions along the way, make this a great read and puts paid to the idea that Englishmen are the greatest eccentrics.

Mazes & Follies - Adrian Fisher (Pitkin Unichrome 1841651427) 2004

A pretty picture book divided into two sections, one on Follies and the other on Mazes. All are well known and the text is fairly brief.  A nice photographic introduction to either subject.

Follies & Mazes