Books - USA

There must be more than this for a country so large, but here's some to start with:

(Note: We do not sell books -these are just to let you know what's around. Some may not be in print, but most can be picked up through Amazon marketplace or ebay)

Architectural Follies in America - Gwyn Headley 1996 (Preservation Press -John Wiley & Sons 0 471 14362 6)

A great attempt at cataloguing all the follies across America - an excellent series of photographs and descriptions of buildings which vary from stone towers throught giant animals, to houses made from bottles.


Eccentric America - Jan Friedman 2001 (Bradt 1 84162 023 8)

'The Bradt Guide to all that's Weird and Wacky in the USA' - which covers a lot of ground from museums, events, vehicles and people, but thankfully, also some buildings.


Architectural Follies in America - Clay Lancaster 1960 (Charles E Tuttle,  Library of Congrees 59-14088 )

Long out of print, but worth looking for, is this book of Follies, which in this case means mostly big odd houses in unusual styles such as oriental, but with a smattering of really odd edifices such as the Elephant Hotel and the Leaning Tower of Niles - lots of pictures, but all either line drawings or coloured paintings.

The Watts Towers of Los Angeles - Leon Whiteson (Mosaic Press 1989, 0 88962 393 7)

Lots of information and colour photographs of the Watts Towers


Private Towers- James Grayson Trulove  2003 (Harper Design  0 06 059447 0)

Not really follies, but a selection of modern tower houses, designed and built to be lived in, but with their fair share of eccentricites such as a working set of bells in one. Lots of big colour photos and sets of plans. If you can't find a real folly or water tower to convert, here are some ideas for building new variations.


There are a growing number of 'Curiosities' type books now covering the USA   - I don't know which ones will appeal to folly enthusiasts, but I'll summarize those I know about here:

Alabama Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & other Offbeat Stuff Andy Duncan Globe Prequot 2005 0762730889
Arizona Curiosities Sam Lowe Globe Pequot 2003 0762725478
(Austin) Keep Austin Weird:A Guide to the Odd side of Town Red Wassenich Schiffer 2007 0764326392
Delaware Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & other Offbeat Stuff Beth Rubin Insiders Guide 2007 0762743352
Florida Curiosities David Grimes & Tom Becnal Globe Pequot 2006 0762741066
Iowa Curiosities Cofey/Jones/Thorkelson Globe Pequot 2004 0762725486
Kansas Curiosities Pam Grout Globe Pequot 2006 076274104X
Kentucky Curiosities Vince Staten/Liz Baldi Globe Prequot 2004 0762741058
New Jersey Curiosities Peter Genovese Globe Pequot 2007 0762741120
Maine Curiosities Tim Sample & Steve Bither Globe Pequot 2002 0762709413
Massachusetts Curiosities Bruce Gellerman/Eric Sherman Globe Pequot 2004 0762730706
Northern California Curiosities Saul Rubin Globe Pequot 2005 076272899X
(Oregon) Only in Oregon: Natural and Manmade Landmarks & Oddities Christine Barnes Farcountry 2004 1560372923