The Folly Fellowship comprises:

Chairman of the trustees: Mary Bright

Iain Gray
Tony Hooper
Elizabeth Waters

Continental secretaries: Rita & Pieter Boogaart
Membership Secretary: Gloria Powell
Journal Editor: Vacant
Magazine Editor: Jonathan Holt
Website Manager: Alan Terrill
Events Co-ordinator: Elizabeth Waters

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   Events Co-ordinator

    Membership Secretary

      Public Relations Officer

    Web Designer

    Magazine Editor


Map Editor

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If you have a specific question about membership, the magazine, using this site, etc, then send an email to one of the above.   If you're not sure who, then send it to me, (Alan) at the Web designer address and I'll forward it to the right person.   If you want to discuss follies in general then use the facebook page.

Erewarton Hall gatehouse
Erwarton Hall Gatehouse, Suffolk

Coop House
The Coop House, Netherby Cumbria.

Photos by Kelvin Barber