Folly SITe Links

Sites relating to a specific folly or folly group

Banwell Caves The caves and follies of Banwell , near Weston-Super-Mare
Brightling Park Mad Jack Fuller's follies in Sussex
Bruno Weber Park A park full of bizarre creatures, figures and structures in Switzerland.
Campanopolis A folly town in Argentina
Carshalton Water Tower A unique tower containing an orangery, saloon and cold plunge bath
Corpusty Mill Gardens Gardens In Norfolk containing a grotto, a gothic ruin and a classical pavilion, built between 1965 and the present.
Dewstow Gardens Newly restored Pulhamite garden with tunnels and grottoes
Faringdon Tower One of the last prospect towers to be built in 1935
Flounders Folly Recently restored prospect tower in Shropshire
Foel Ortho The follies and accomodation at Foel Ortho, in Mid-Wales
Forbidden Corner A unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises created in a four acre garden in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.
Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust Founded in 2001 to raise awareness for the plight of Gwrych and also to find possible solutions for the conservation and preservation of the site
Halswell Park Trust Setup to restore and maintain the follies and garden features of the Halswell Park estate.
Hawkstone Park Folly group in Shropshire
Larchill Arcadian garden Animal based follies in Ireland
Massey's Folly Victorian folly recently featured on Restoration TV programme (in Hampshire)
Perrot's Folly Romantic Tower in Edgbaston, Birmingham
Plantation Garden, Norwich Unusual Victrian sunken garden featuring an Italianate terrace and Gothic fountain
Rectory Garden centre Kevin Duffy's unique Tudor Village near Wigan
Strawberry Hill The original 'gothick' villa that started the trend
Wentworth Castle Folly group in Yorkshire, also featured on TV
Westonbury Mill Water Gardens Modern Garden in Herefordshire with unique new water powered follies

Sites featuring a countrywide range of follies

Fabulous Follies A site containing lots of photos of follies, many not well known
Flickr picture groups Five sites featuring lots of photos- Follies, Garden Follies,Landmark Trust, Lodges, Gatehouses and Tollhouses, Models of Landmark Trust buildings, mostly by FF member Kelvin Barber
Folly Fancier Hazel Jackson's blog on modern follies
Grotto Directory Part of the Spa directory site, this is a detailed list of grottoes by county
Historic England Formerly part of English heritage, this site specializes in images of listed buildings which can be purchased. It has a section on 'Romantic Ruins' which includes many follies.
Marsden Archive Photo library by Simon Marsden, specializing in black and white photos of ruined houses with a few follies
Photolibra Gwyn Headley's company which exists to provide high quality images to publications. There are a huge range of excellent images here.
Pinterest Emily Speed has collected together a page of Edible Architecture including many FF party cakes. A random page of images from our website has a use in that many of them were from temporary news items that have since been deleted. Follies, Grottoes and hermitages is what you'd expect from the title.