The journal comes out once a year and is more focussed on academic articles or lengthy treatment of a single subject.  Recent issues by Jonathan Holt and Pieter and Rita Boogaart are essentially books on the Follies of a particular area or country.

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(All articles by Rita and Pieter Boogaart)

Follies of Luxembourg
The Bruno Weber Park
New Follies for Fraeylemaborg
Eurobridges in Spijkenisse
Colomares, a Tribute to Discovery
The Artigas Garden
Explorations in Italy

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FOLLIES IN FRANCE III – Scratching The Surface
All Articles by Pieter and Rita Boogaart

Articles Per Department
Monumental Lavoirs and Fontaines In France
List or gazetteer of Newly Found Follies, Grottoes and garden buildings in France
Index to this Issue

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All articles by Jonathan Holt

The Follies of Gloucestershire (Administrative County)
A Selection of Lost Follies and Those of Lesser Interest

All Articles by Jonathan Holt

Bristol Follies
South Gloucestershire Follies
A Selection of Lost Follies
A Selection of Follies Also of Interest


Francisco Del Rio Cuenca (20 August 1926 – March 2010) Montoro (Cordoba)
Jo Farb Hernandez

Shell We Dance?
Blott Kerr-Wilson

The Shell House at Carton
James Howley

Early Grottoes in England
Hazelle Jackson


Grotto Follies in the Heartland
Lisa Stone and Jim Zanzi

The Fair White Nook: The Morgan Jones Family of Cilwendeg and the Restoration of the Shell House
Suzannah Fleming

The Making of Eaton Hall Grotto
Blott Kerr-Wilson

Juan Maria Garcia Naveira (16 May 1849 to March 1933) Betanzos (A Coruna)
Jo Farb Hernandez

FOLLIES IN FRANCE II – Scratching the Surface
All articles by Pieter and Rita Boogaart

Articles Per Department
List of Follies, Grottoes and Garden Buildings in France

FOLLIES IN FRANCE I -Scratching the Surface
All articles by Pieter and Rita Boogaart

Map of France



A Short History of French Gardens in Relation to Follies


Articles Per Department

Etymological Article : The English Word Folly , the French Word Folie


The Caves at Banwell, Avon
Mike Cousins

The Follies of Broughton Park
Simon Scott

‘The Wonders of the North’: The Lost Buildings of the Aislabie Family’s Pleasure Grounds at Studley Royal
Mark Newman

‘As for Paradise Which is but Another Name for Kingsgate’
Mike Cousins

Alfred’s Hall, Cirencester Park
Mike Cousins

Taking Great Notice: Dorothy Richardon’s Account of Ornamental Buildings on the Boynton Estate, East Riding of Yorkshire
Karen Lynch

Ceramic Follies
Hans van Lemmen

Burton Pynsent, Somerset: Brown’s Column and the Landscape of William and Hester Pitt
Nick Owen

Follies of Disssent and Omission : Monumental Reflections on the American War of Independence
Patrick Eyres

Richard Hill’s ‘Rustic Portal’ : Hawkstone Hall, Shropshire , 1726−27
Dianne Barre

Sir John Betjeman 1906–1984: A Centenary Tribute
Ann Tout and Susan Kellerman

‘The Folly to End All Follies?’ The Ashton Memorail, Lancaster
Andrew White

Oatlands grotto Revisited
Michael Symes

‘The Watcher on the Column’: The Prince’s Column at Stowe, Buckinghamshire
Michael Bevington

The Column, Gibside, County Durham
Harry Beamish and Karen Lynch

A Folly from the Brush of a Folly Builder
Timothy Mowl & Philip White

Visit Britain’s Landmarks: Follies on Shell Advertising Posters in the 1930s
Karen Lynch

Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire: An Eighteenth Century Estate
Michael G Cousins

Ptolemy’s Arch, Tomboy Hill, Antony, Cornwall
Ptolemy Dean

St Anne’s Hill: The Tusculum of Charles James Fox
Michael Symes

Ruinous by Nature: The Archaeology of the Grotto at Croome
Rob Woodside

The Greenhouse and Bagnio at the bottom of the garden
The Water Tower, Carsholton, Surrey
Jean Irvine Knight

Urban Landscape Jewellery
Peter Hirschmann

Design and Fall
Richard Craven

Landscape Jewellery
Philip Knowling

A hermit for Cadland? ‘the soner the better’
Nigel Temple

Solitude : The Hermit Project
Anna Douglas

Ansuman Biswas

Stourhead Revisited
Richard Higgs

A fantasy land, or the soul of the city?
The Nek Chand Rock garden, Chandigarah, India
Garance Rawinsky

Book Review
Patrick Eyres

The Folly of Follies! Or what’s in a word?
Patrick Eyres

Pyramids and Mausoleum Pomp: The Folly of Nineteenth-Centruy Mausolea
Samantha Matthews

The Temple; Harewood House
Karen Lynch and Susan Kellerman

A Neo-classical Plunge at Ston Easton Park, Somerset
Oliver Bradbury

Hartwell: A lost formal garden, a classical idyll – and a myth dispelled
Eric Throssell

Widcombe Manor;  A tour round the ‘Golden House’
Jonathon Holt

The garden buildings at Enville Hall, Staffordshire
Michael Cousins

Bath House Gazetteer : update
Susan Kellerman

Hatchford Park and the Temple of Sleep
Andrew Plumridge

The development of the Consall Hall Gardens
William Podmore

Two ‘lost’ buildings
Elizabeth Johnson

Bath houses; An Introduction
Susan Kellerman

The Walton Bath House, Warwickshire
William Hawkes

The Bath House, Wharfdale Lawn, Wetherby, West Yorkshire
Peter H. Thornborrow

North Frith: Bathing cabins and other follies
Vernon Gibberd

Gipton Spa, Leeds
Karen Lynch

Bath Houses: Gazetteer
Susan Kellerman