The magazine ‘Follies’ comes out three times a year and is included in the annual subscription. The contents of each issue are detailed on the tabs below.

You can also search for particular articles using the indexes available to download: issues 1-60; 61 – 72 and 73- 84. Once opened use Edit-find or Edit-search to go straight to the information you require. These very detailed indexes were produced by Pieter and Rita Boogaart.  As they are no longer with us, we would very much appreciate it if anyone who could put together an index, (not necessariy as detailed as the originals), would contact us.

Back issues of most issues of FOLLIES are available. Single copies are available at their original cover price plus postage. In the UK this works out at £4.50 each for issues up to 99 and £7.50 for later issues. For multiple copies, drop me an email at the webmaster address on the contacts page and I’ll work out a price for you.  For new members wanting a number of copies to complete their set, please enquire and we will negotiate a favourable price that reflects the postage saving. For further details contact the webmaster using the Contact form.
Preferred method is an email to say what you want, then I’ll send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay online. If you’d prefer to pay by cheque, then make it out to ‘The Folly Fellowship’ and post to:

Alan Terrill
Folly Fellowship
5 Hope Valley

Binders for the magazines are available at £11.50 each including postage (UK).
These hold 12 issues and are covered in dark green leather effect binding with FOLLIES in gold lettering on the spine. You can buy them here:

No of Binders