Unusual to find a news story that involves a gothic arch, a local councillor,the National Crime Agency and a on-the-run former drugs dealer. But here it is: Yorkshire Post news item

A story about Larchill in ireland, featured in the Otago Daily Times ( a New Zealand newspaper)

Hawkstone Park and its follies are up for sale -see story here

Robert Fiddler has at last been ordered to demolish the mock tudor castle he built behind straw bales or face prison. An article which included several references to follies appeared in the Guardian

A new 34ft high pyramid has been erected at Doddington Hall Lincolnshire

One of the splendid sheds featured on TV recently has come under threat from the local council - not for the shape and size of the building but because he has been letting it out without permission . A Daily mail story here.

A man in Cumbria has built 3 model villages in his garden plus a 12ft model clock tower.

Here's an item from the Huffington Post which lists their top ten pieces of folly architecture. There's a good range with several surprises amongst them.

A four part series on BBC four called 'British Gardens in Time' has featured both Stowe and Biddulph Grange. More emphasis on the plants than the follies, but they still got a look in.


A complete pirate island has been built near Cambridge. Have a look at the picture gallery - its quite staggering!

A gardening website with an article on Follies called houzz.

An interesting house/sculpture has made the news on 30th Sept - the sliding house in Margate, Kent.

A blog from the Smithsonian Collection in America about follies

Gwyn Headley does some more folly promotion in an article for History Magpie

An article on the sham castle at Acton Burnell appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on 12th May

Cranmore Tower has been restored and opened to the public - it even serves cream teas!

The restoration of Hadlow Tower features in an article in the Daily Express from 21st April

Caynton Temple at Beckbury near Wolverhampton has been in the news recently.

A company called Shared Space and Light put on a wonderful sound and light show, projected onto the surface of the Pepperpot in Brighton. There's a great film of it here

The Headington Shark had a party for its 26th year of existence last year -there's short film about it here

Perrott's Folly has been in the news recently -there's a BBC news item about it here

Dinton castle is up for sale - a recent article in the Daily Mail tells the story.

A brief article on follies appeared on The Idle Historian's blog recently

Gwyn Headley has been writing a series of short articles on follies on the Dabbler website which are well worth reading. In particular look out for the connection between Gwyn, Fanny Craddock and Clytha Castle, then check out Gwyn's very early folly credentials in the tale of Sway Tower. Health & Safety officers should look away now.

FF member Ann-Marie Nankivell has started a blog about interesting parts of London and of course there are a few follies in there. Have a look at thelondonphile

Weymouth has got itself a new prospect tower in the form of the Weymouth Sea Life Tower . It's a doughnut shaped observation room which rises up a vertical pole to a height of 165ft. The near identical tower to be built at Brighton is just beginning to take shape. Perhaps we will see a rash of these gradually replacing the ageing millenium wheels.

A folly called Ozanne Tower in Guernsey (described in Follies , Summer 2008) has recently been in the news as it may become the subject of a restoration project. There's a short video about it here.

I've just come across a site devoted to windmills, but with a page devoted to 'mock mill's' which were built for show or pleasure and were never intended to grind corn. Interestingly there is even one recently built to disguise a mobile phone mast .

Simon Sinkinson is a builder of Follies and other garden features. Keep an eye on his website for details. He has a very curious blog too which is worth a look.

The magazine English Homes has a feature on follies in its current edition with comments by Andrew Plumridge. Click on the picture and flick through the pages to page 84.

The ice house at Compton Verney has recently been restored and its a particularly fine thatched example. I found this on the excellent English Buildings blog which has much about it to recommend. There are a few follies in there, but anyone with any interest in any kind of historic building will find something of interest here.

I've just come across an interesting site devoted to the US fashion for octagonal houses (and it includes some round ones). Not follies but certainly curious and worth a look.

A tunnel has been unearthed at Larbert House in Falkirk Scotland which links the derelict mansion and an ornamental loch. It look like it may have been used by the family to get to the boathouse on the loch wihtout the staff seeing them. After all the stories of tunnels its good to hear of on e which actually exists.

Linda Wade is showing a forthcoming book called Architectural Extravaganzas - the Follies of Eastern Europe on her site.

Nic Barlow is planning a new book on follies in America and he'd love to hear about any you may know about - you can see those he's collected so far on e-mail: nic



A new Folly at the Rushmore Estate in Wiltshire has now been completed. It was featured on the TV news on 10th July and you can read about it here.  At 60ft high, this is a major new folly, and one which is quite unique. Excellent!

The Guardian had an article on follies in its 'Secret Britain' supplement on Saturday 4th April 2009. You can read it here