Welcome to my personal world of rather small and largely homemade, follies and oddities. As webmaster I get to sneak in a little view of my personal world with which I hope to inspire others into thinking that DIY might extend beyond putting up some shelves. Now I'm making an assumption here that most of you reading this aren't big landowners, can't afford to commission an architect to design a tower for you, and don't habitually get left rambling old houses by rich and eccentric relatives.  But, the rest of us can still have fun -  I've customized each of the five houses I've lived in so far, usually on a tight budget, and amongst all the worthy double glazing and insulating I've done, I've also found time to add a few small eccentricities which make people smile. As I get older and have more time to myself, the projects get a bit more ambitious.
Here then is a catalogue of my works over the years to entertain and inspire you.  Nothing is a trade secret - if you want to know where to buy life sized resin goats or web shaped balconies, do drop me a line and I'll be pleased to point you in the right direction. And if you've done something similar yourself, do send me a photo.
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Stone vase