the folly fellowship annual garden party

This event is the highlight of our calendar -  a chance to meet members from all over this country and abroad, in the surroundings of a spectacular garden, often one which is normally private. Some members get into the mood by dressing up a little; Pimms and sandwiches are served and the highpoint is the unveiling of the cake, often a three dimensional representation of one of the follies we are visiting. As these edible works of art are by their nature short-lived, here's a chance to see them in their prime. If any of the people who made these cakes would like to contact me I will give them a credit on this page.

(with thanks to Rita Boogart for the photos and information)

06-08-1989 Hartley Wintney, West Green House    Hampshire
West green Cake
04-08-1990 Stowe Buckinghamshire
21-07-1991 Shugborough Staffordshire
08-08-1992 Stancombe Garden Gloucestershire
07-08-1993 Hawkstone Park Shropshire
13-08-1994 Busbridge Lakes Surrey
12-08-1995 Rousham Oxfordshire
10-08-1996 Beaconsfield Hall Barn Buckinghamshire
16-08-1997 Wrest Park Bedfordshire
Wrest Park
15-08-1998  Wotton House, Wotton Underwood Buckinghamshire
14-08-1999  Esher, Claremont Surrey
Claremont Cake
26-08-2000   Abbots Ripon Huntingdonshire
Abbots Ripton
11-08-2001 Tupgill, Forbidden Corner North Yorkshire
Forbidden Corner
17-08-2002 Hartley Wintney Hampshire
Hartley Wintney
16-08-2003  Stancombe Park Gloucestershire
07-08-2004    Consall Hall Staffordshire
Consall cake
13-08-2005 Barwick Park, Yeovil Somerset
Barwick park
01-07-2006  Wentworth Castle South Yorkshire
cake Wentworth
18-08-2007   Pelham Place, Newton Valance Hampshire
cake pelham
16-08-2008 Horton Menagerie Northamptonshire
cake horton
30-08-2009 Wotton House, Wotton Underwood Buckinghamshire
Cake Wotton
15-08-2010 Hall Barn, Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire
Cake 2010
20-08-2011 5 Hope Valley Shropshire
08-09-2012 Stowe Buckinghamshire
17-08-2013 HighClere Hampshire
28-07-2014 Flaxbourne Garden Bedfordshire
2014 cake

Seend Manor

(made by Peter Godrey)


Porter's Lodge

(cakes by Gill Gray - models of Gothic Gateway in Bayko and in miniature bricks, by Alan Terrill; Turkish Tent in knitted cotton by Claire Terrill; Turkish Tent in stiffened fabric by Mr Hallett)

23-7-2017 Hawkstone Park (made by Peter Godfrey) Shropshire